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Without engine oil, the vehicle engine can not function. The oil is located in the oil pan underneath the car attached to the bottom of the engine. It is important that the engine oil lubricates all the engine parts that move. If there is not enough lubrication, the engine parts tend to wear out faster and ultimately this leads to engine failure. An oil filter plays a role in keeping the oil clean. If the filter is not regularly replaced, the debris will prevent the oil from passing into the engine.


  • You should always replace the oil filter when the oil is changed.
  • Replacement oil needs to adhere to the required specifications for your car.
  • Run the vehicle for a few minutes after your oil has been changed, to ensure there are no leaks.

How to change engine oil:

  • Remove and replace engine oil plus the filter.
  • Check the condition of all fluids.
  • Perform basic safety inspection.
  • Start the vehicle and check for leaks.

What we recommend:

  • Follow the maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer
  • Replacing the oil and filter every 5,000 miles or every four months.
  • Synthetic oil (versus regular) is cost effective and its lubrication properties are better quality and you will not need oil changes as frequently.
  • If you notice any fluids in your driveway, you should get your vehicle inspected immediately.
  • Do not drive your car with low engine oil. It can damage the engine.

Vehicle symptoms indicating you need an oil change?

  • The amount of time since your last oil change exceeds the recommended miles.
  • Maintenance light is on

Oil change importance

Oil changes are considered the most important maintenance service for your car. To avoid severe engine damage, this simple and inexpensive service should be regularly scheduled.


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