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Car batteries can die with or without notice. Usually you will get a warning signal on your dashboard prior to a complete battery fail. On the other hand, sometimes batteries can and do fail suddenly, without notice, throwing anyone for a loop. Despite how it happens, when it does happen it can cause a lot of anxiety – especially if you’re running late for an important appointment or event.

Instead of searching for a “mechanic near me” try searching for “mobile mechanic near me” for the ultimate convenience and quickest service possible. When you need a car battery replacement asap allow our mechanic team to come to your location, swap your batter for a brand new one, and get your car back up and running smoothly. You don’t even need to think or worry about getting your car to a mechanic shop or car repair shop – we come directly to you!

When our mobile auto mechanic arrives on site, they will test the viability of your battery. Sometimes there is a not a visible or apparent reason for the battery failing. The mechanic will run a diagnostic to reach the root cause. If a new battery is warranted, the mechanic will replace it with a new one.

We ask that you park your vehicle into a position that allows for easy access to your car’s battery. This isn’t always possible, and that’s just fine.


There are a few battery failure signals that pop up ahead of the battery completely dying. Here are some signs to watch for:

  • Battery/alternator warning light is on or blinking
  • You need a jump more often than not
  • Lights don’t turn on
  • Engine cranks very slowly, or not at all
  • Electrical issues, such as the interior lights or radio malfunctioning or working only intermittently
  • Battery case appears swollen

Occasionally, even without warning, a car battery can die without notice, leaving you baffled. This can happen if you leave your lights on or by leaving something plugged into the power outlet.

If you love being self-sufficient or want to try replacing your own battery – you can, but keep in mind you’ll have to shop around for a battery and then swap it out yourself. If you’re busy and need a battery replaced pronto then just call us – your friendly local mobile mechanic.

Every now and then a dead battery can mean there is possibly a bigger issue. Tests should be run to ensure there are not any less apparent complications. Finding out the real problem will save time and money in the end. The root cause is what matters and our mechanic team will be sure to find that cause.

You might wonder if you can keep driving with a battery that’s almost dead… the answer is yes, but it’s not a good idea. The electrical elements within your car are heavily relied upon so it’s important to have a fully functional battery at all times. It can also pose a safety risk as the chance of having an accident greatly increases.

If your battery is about to fail and you must drive then try to drive only during the day, with minimal traffic, and only if you’re going to an auto repair shop. But why drive to a mechanic when you have a mobile mechanic that can come to your location right away!

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